How Do I Find Out What Motivates Me?

While research hasn't given these two buckets an official name yet — usually correlating them to introversion (in blue) and extroversion (in orange) — here are some of the common characteristics of those with higher cortical arousal and a serotonin preference, and those with a lower cortical arousal and dopamine preference.

(The info here has been compiled by a behavioral consultant and is meant to bridge some of the gaps between public information, research, and observed behavior. Please note that a behavioral consultant is not a medical professional. Instead, a degree in behavioral science or an equivalent field with a focus on psychology, sociology, and communication is used to help identify possible trends and potential hypotheses for future research in human behavior.)

As part of our #1millionmoreconfident initiative we will also be posting mini-guides on boosting confidence, sparking motivation, managing time, and more.

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