Neurodiversity Series

In the 1990’s, Judy Singer coined the term “neurodiversity.” The term helped those outside of the autism spectrum understand that autistic individuals were not as different and indecipherable as both the general public and the research community had characterized them to be. 

The term has expanded to encompass individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning diagnoses as well. But as the Psychology Today outline notes, some are concerned that the term “neurodiversity” may undermine some of the medical aspects of ASD and other diagnoses.

So the question remains: Is there a middle ground for medical professionals and the broader community? One that establishes: 

  • Neurodiversity as a set of personality traits seen both in and outside of diagnoses and
  • Also recognizes individual diagnoses that fall within the same realm.

The human behavior research community may already have an answer. To better explain, this article will succinctly outline the following:

Also here are the resources that will be referenced for current executive function and diagnostic criteria information:

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