You relax, we'll do the work

We're just starting out, but...

EMW -- or Eight Miles West -- is our little hub for resources and insights.

We currently feature guides on how to better understand your mindset and navigate the world when you feel a little different. Our goal is to link public observations with research. Some of it addresses overarching issues. Other pieces relate to things like neurodivergence. (Which can help you feel more comfortable with options like therapy.)

But we also get a lot of questions about things that are not within our field.
So we're working with other creators to develop additional pieces around:

- Links to licensed mental health professionals on social media.
- Resources for parents whose kids deal with over stimulation.
- Marketing insights for those who want to run a small business.
- And fun design collections like limitless explicitness, dope-amine, and all the serotonin feels.

Check back with us soon to see more!